• Testimonials
    "After a night of settling into the hostel, I woke up the next morning eager to start my internship! This summer, I am interning at an international public relations firm called Finn Partners, whose clients fall under the nonprofit and tech sector". See More>>>

    Camille Phillips, Boston Onward Israel (jerusalem) Participant and Social Media Fellow 2014
    "Israeli food is really a mixture of other cultures’ foods. It’s Middle Eastern, with some small differences. There aren’t too many delis with pastrami like you’d expect from Brooklyn. So when we went to Nora’s Kitchen in Daliat El Carmel to sample Druze food (or stuff ourselves), it wasn’t surprising that the usual grape leaves, olives, and hummus were on the table".
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    Ryan Youra, Hillel Onward Israel Participant and Social Media Fellow 2014

    "Israel is full of contradictions. It is old and new; traditional and modern; religious and secular. It is the beauty of the Mediterranean sunset and the glory of the rising sun over Masada. It is ageless; a country just 66 years old, yet thousands of years young". 
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    Daniel Pearlman, Cleveland Onward Israel Participant and Social Media Fellow 2014

    "Participants are involved in a wide array of fields including politics and government, business and finance, technology start-ups, and social services. Through the internships they are experiencing another aspect of Israeli society through their contribution to the workplace and with interactions their Israeli colleagues". See More>>>
    Debbie Zimmerman, Participant Coordinator, Boston Onward Israel.


    "The individual placements also made a huge impact on me. working with the elderly population was like discovering a new side of Hadar (in Haifa). These people shared such tear-jerking and unbelievable stories of their lives with Hanna and me. Everyday, we spoke with these people and I think we actually did make a difference." See More>>>

    Donna Vatnick, volunteer at an eldery care center in Haifa through Boston's Onward Israel Program


    "Working at my internship for Chaos Films has also been enlightening in terms of career development and social justice".  See More>>>
    Mark Beytas, Cleveland Onward Israel 


    "Boston Onward Israel has allowed me to work amongst Israelis at an exciting start-up company in Jerusalem, live in the center of town close to an array of shops and cafes, and travel around the country to places that i have not experienced before". See More>>>

    Matt Haimowitz, intern in Jerusalem with AnyClip, through Boston Onward Israel 


    "On the last day, my supervisor said it was important for me and the other intern to officisally discuss with the Moadon as a whole that we were leaving and give them opportunity to say good bye. The responses we got from them were overwhelming, everyone thanked us [...] not just the individuals we worked with, but those we chatted with in the morning, the one who yelled at me earlier that morning , the few who always seemed to be glaring at us from the corner, and those who seemed completely unaware of our presence. I don't know if I've ever recieved so many compliments in my life as i did in those 15 minutes".See More>>>

    Shoshana Oppenheim, Volunteer in Jerusalem as part of Boston Onward Israel 


    "Today, I can proudly announce that this experience has enabled me to confirm that what may have been infatuation at first, is indeed, now, love. I have seen both the good and the bad, and am able to accept, with love, the country, by acknowledging both its flaws, and recognizing its strengths". See More>>>

    Emily Cable, a volunteer on  Boston Onward Israel