• Who is Onward Israel for?

    Onward Israel is designed as a second peer experience in Israel and a Birthright follow-up program. It is intended for Jewish undergraduate and graduate University students (including those who have graduated within 1 year of program start date), between the ages of 19-27, who have previously participated in a peer program in Israel. Participants are:
    • Birthright Israel alumni who have not yet returned to Israel on a peer program;
    • Or teen travel programs alumni (who are ineligible for Birthright because of their teen travel participation), unless they have:
      • returned to Israel on a MASA program
      • spent more than three months total in Israel after their teen program
    Preference will be given to those who are currently less involved in Jewish life. Onward Israel serves as an attractive connector to less-engaged young adult and student populations, showing them the tangible value of wider communal involvement. Some spots will be aimed for more engaged Jewish young adults, who can serve to strengthen the identity and commitment of all program participants.
    Preference will be given to those who will maintain affiliation with their cohort group for at least 1 year after the program (in order to conduct a post program).

    Onward Israel alumni are not eligible to participate in the program again.