• Educational Content

    Onward Israel sees the entire program experience as an educational encounter, with Israel, with Israelis and with yourself. Personal learning opportunities can be found in all aspects of the program, both through internships and group content, as well as time spent alone or with peers.
    Program organizers are expected to provide educational content at least once a week, through tours, encounters with local people, speakers and other group sessions. The content will cover a wide variety of topics and vary according to the program organizer.

    Onward is currently developing an educational philosophy and is working with organizers, educators and participants to engender a balanced, sophisticated and relevant educational program for all backgrounds, which focuses on these three areas:
    1. Levels of Discourse: Raising the bar.
    ​It is our ambition that participants will deal with questions on various levels, in a manner which is appropriate to the setting and to them as individuals. We propose a model of four levels of discourse that participants should interact with during the program which looks to elevate thought and discussion beyond the topic level and look to spark questioning around bigger-picture learning and personal engagement with the subject matter.

    2. Israel ID: Educational Mapping
    The "Israel I.D." model provides a straightforward method of breaking down educational ideas into topics, where each one represents a different aspect or question in contemporary Israel. We have translated these as unique 'internal dialogues', issues which Israel has been constantly forming itself around since the founding of the state, and with continued or renewed relevance today. Importantly, the model does not exclude other key themes in Israel, rather invites questioning around what might be missing.

    3. Good Practice: Getting the most out of it
    ​Guidelines and expectations for organizers in designing and delivering their educational content which includes details about preparation, framing and creating balanced, interactive experiences.
    In addition, each Onward Israel participant will take place in one extended weekend seminar. Here participants will experience a meaningful and enjoyable encounter between different Onward Israel programs, providing an important opportunity for groups to bond and for inter-group networks to form.  The content of the weekend triggers discourse around commonality and difference, discussing where the participants have come from and where they may be heading next, beyond the program. These weekend retreats may follow two models: A Peoplehood oriented Shabbat experience and a modern Israel seminar focusing on engagement with modern Israel.
    This year Onward will run other educational events including "Connections", a new one-day interactive conference, and provides information and access to enrichment opportunities for participants who are looking to reach out and discover more.
    For further reading, please click here to see the overview to our Educational Platform.