• Educational Content

    While the heart of Onward Israel is the individual experience of the participant, participants can also learn and broaden their horizons through informal and interactive educational  opportunities.

    Program organizers are expected to provide educational content- site visits, experiences, encounters, outside speakers, one day a week.  

    This content  will focus on two major themes:  the relationship of the participants with the Land and State of Israel, and the relationship of the participants to the notion of community and involvement, both in Israel and upon their return home.
    In addition, each Onward Israel participate will take place in one extended seminar- along with Jewish young adults from a variety of locations.

    This seminar, in addition to being an invaluable social opportunity to meet others, will focus on two other key aspects of Jewish identity: the relationship between the individual and the Jewish People and between the individual and their heritage.

  • You can find some of Onward's educational content in the attached files:

     Between a Jew and her Land

     Between me and the Jewish Hertige/ the Jewish People

     Between me and my Community